Learn About The Danger And The Hidden Price Of Cheap Manicures.
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The Real Price Of The $15 Manicure – Why Ethical Nail Care Costs More

Although the cheap $15 manicure has its obvious appeal to the consumer, it comes with a great hidden cost that most aren’t aware of. The nail salon industry in the U.S. is largely unregulated with most salons operating either somewhat or entirely illegally. A recent New York Times expose shed light on the outrageous labor abuses common within the nail industry. At its best the women and men working in these cheap nail salons are undercompensated and at its worst they endure slave labor like conditions. This has allowed nail service pricing across the nation to remain astoundingly low.

The other factors that keep common nail salon prices low include the often toxic, poor quality products and lack of appropriate ventilation and sanitation. This doesn’t just mean that the service results can be disappointing, but also that whilst receiving the service guests are inhaling dangerous airborne pollutants while their skin and nails are being exposed to harmful chemicals and bacteria. Nail technicians who spend hours in such salons daily are known to develop a wide variety of health issues that often have long term consequences to their lives. Additionally, low sanitation standards, poor training, subpar service protocols, lack of oversight and cheap, diluted cleaning products contribute to the high risk of cross-contamination and spread of bacteria, all of which can cause nasty nail and skin infections.

Namaste | Nail Sanctuary was conceived by its founders Michael and Mecca Elliot because they saw a need for something better, cleaner and safer in the nail service industry, and they weren’t afraid to lead the charge. If our rates appear higher than that of the corner shop that’s been serving $15 manicures for as long as you can remember, it is because we are an ethical nail care provider with a unique focus on health and wellness. We offer our guests and employees a beautiful, tranquil, CLEAN and SAFE environment designed to promote both mental and physical wellness. At Namaste | Nail Sanctuary nail care is synonymous with self-care, but don’t take our word for it, here are just a few of the features that set us apart.

The Namaste | Nail Sanctuary difference at a glance:

  1. We are a completely above-board operation, always compliant with labor laws, a rarity in the world of nail salons. Our nail artisans are paid a fair hourly wage and we work hard to ensure that they have a healthy work-life balance. No out-of-compliance long hours, no day rates, no illegal commission-based pay, no appropriation of tips. (a common practice, salon owners pay a low, under the table cash day rate and keep the tips for themselves)
  2. We utilize hospital grade autoclaves to sterilize our tools, achieving the highest level of decontamination possible.
  3. Our ultra-hygienic protocols include the utilization of single use nail buffers, files, foot pads and cuticle sticks, eliminating the risk of infection and cross-contamination.
  4. We use copper foot-baths, bowls and containers because copper has powerful antimicrobial properties.
  5. Our state of the art 3-way air filtration system ensures that all inside our walls breathe clean air free from dangerous common salon chemicals, airborne pollutants and fumes.
  6. We use only high-quality products and offer organic, non-toxic and vegan options. We never dilute any of our service or cleaning products. (another regrettable common salon practice)
  7. We utilize healthful cutting-edge service techniques like Apres Nail Gel-X, Dazzle Dry, Bioseaweed Gel and Bio Sculpture in order to promote the health of your nails and skin. The recovery of your nail bed after years of conventional nail salon abuse is our specialty!
  8. Our nail artisans receive extensive and continuous training so they are not only skilled in contemporary nail care techniques but also able to intelligently advise on the wellness of your skin and nails, as well as spot possible problems and health concerns.
  9. We offer a beautiful, tranquil environment with a number of premium amenities at no extra charge to our guests. These amenities include delicious organic teas that are served at the start of service; our custom designed, ultra-comfortable chairs with privacy draping; personal flat screen Tvs with over-the-ear headphones, assisted meditation headsets and a special meditation room where guests can relax before & after their service.

In conclusion ethical, safe, quality nail care simply costs more, but it’s well worth it. We thank you for taking the time to read this article and hope that it answered all your questions about our rates, standards of service and offerings. Please visit us at one of our locations across the nation so that you can experience the Namaste | Nail Sanctuary difference for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you! Namaste!

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