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The Perfect Pedicure Experience You Deserve!

Namaste | Nail Sanctuary spa-style pedicures are simply the best and here is why!

Spring is here and for most of us this means long awaited freedom from shoe jail! We can’t wait to slip into our fun sandals and flips flops or better yet go barefoot in the dewy grass! But wait, after spending months in the confinement of warm socks and snug shoes, most feet start looking (and feeling) a little less than stellar. So, before we reintroduce our little piggies to the world it’s time for some much-needed TLC ie. it’s time for a PEDICURE!

Namaste | Nail Sanctuary is the premier nail salon-spa that specializes in self-care and total foot/nail recovery, maintenance and beautification. In all truth we are quite obsessed with feet and nothing gives us more joy than restoring them to their full, baby soft, summer ready splendor. Below you will find just a few of the MANY reasons why a Namaste | Nail Sanctuary pedicure is the guaranteed best way to love your feet.

1) CLEANLINESS. We utilize a battery of ultra-hygienic protocols because decontamination and safety are always a top priority. Our tools are sterilized in a hospital grade autoclave. Our nail files, foot file pads, buffers, shiners and cuticle sticks are all single use, disposed of after each service, no exception.

2) HEALTH. We are all about it. Inhale our clean, triple filtered air free from dangerous air borne salon pollutants. Enjoy a wide variety of premium, non-toxic, vegan and/or organic products and polishes. Choose from a range of healthful, cutting-edge nail care techniques. Be confident that you will be worked on by knowledgeable and caring professionals.

3) COMFORT. We offer tandem manicure and pedicure services in custom designed, luxurious chairs that are spaced uncommonly far apart and separated by privacy draping, so our guests can really RELAX. Our chairs are so comfortable that you might never want to leave!

4) COMPLEMENTARY AMENITIES. Service begins the second you walk in. Sip on one of our delicious blended teas, sink into our comfy lux chair, meditate with our complimentary assisted meditation headsets, listen to your favorite tunes with our over the ear headphones, watch your personal television or just take a nap. This is YOUR service, your time, your way.

5) SERVICE. During your service you will be pampered with a variety of relaxing, restorative elements. We offer a thorough foot sloughing, unique callus treatments, lovely foot massages, lavender hydrosol spray, cuticle oil and hot towel applications. Lets not forget our wide selection of premium nail polishes, with plenty of non-toxic and vegan options available to satisfy even the most health conscious of our guests.

6) SPECIALISTS. We offer a number of proprietary nail treatments and skin products formulated by our in-house specialists for superior results. One such item that is a must for foot softness recovery and overall relaxation is our uniquely penetrating and curative Paraffin Frothing Treatment. It is included in the Vibrant Pedicure Service and also available as an ad-on service!

It is a little-known fact that “Namaste Nail Sanctuary” actually means “best pedicure ever” in ancient Sanskrit. No, of course it doesn’t, I am only kidding! But it might as well, because a pedicure at Namaste | Nail Sanctuary is a completely different experience than what is offered at other nail salons or spas. You simply have to try it to believe and love it. So don’t wait, call to schedule your appointment today. It’s time to get those feet feeling great and looking even better! Namaste!


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