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One, the color stories! Dazzle Dry sincerely has a polish shade for every occasion, whatever your inspiration. At our Sanctuary alone we have over 100+ colors. Two, the formula! If you are tired of stinky polishes that coat your nails in undesirable chemicals, like formaldehyde, Dazzle Dry offers a safer alternative. “Developed by bio-organic chemist […]

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The Real Price Of The $15 Manicure – Why Ethical Nail Care Costs More

Although the cheap $15 manicure has its obvious appeal to the consumer, it comes with a great hidden cost that most aren’t aware of. The nail salon industry in the U.S. is largely unregulated with most salons operating either somewhat or entirely illegally. A recent New York Times expose shed light on the outrageous labor abuses common […]

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The Perfect Pedicure Experience You Deserve!

Namaste | Nail Sanctuary spa-style pedicures are simply the best and here is why! Spring is here and for most of us this means long awaited freedom from shoe jail! We can’t wait to slip into our fun sandals and flips flops or better yet go barefoot in the dewy grass! But wait, after spending […]

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Make Your Pedicure Last Longer – Tips & Tricks From The Pros!

Summer is finally here! You can’t wait to slip into those cute strappy sandals and go frolicking in the sun. But if you are anything like me, you aren’t letting anyone see your winter feet until they get a proper pedicure! A good pedicure these days can be a bit of a splurge, but it’s […]

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Mecca’s Meditation Tips For A Better Life

In recent years the ancient practice of meditation has gained increased popularity. Meditation has always been known for promoting emotional health, reducing anxiety and controlling stress, but studies show that it has powerful physiological effects as well, helping its practitioners heal from injury and fight off diseases while actually improving the health of their brains. Simply […]

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