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Namaste’s Meditation Tips For A Better Life

In recent years the ancient practice of meditation has gained increased popularity. Meditation has always been known for promoting emotional health, reducing anxiety and controlling stress, but studies show that it has powerful physiological effects as well, helping its practitioners heal from injury and fight off diseases while actually improving the health of their brains.

Simply put, meditation and self care are vital to your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. So let’s get you started now with this quick guide to meditation.

Ready, Set, Meditate…

1. Make a 5-day commitment to daily meditation, and try to devote 10-15 minutes daily to your meditation practice.

2. Meditate at the beginning of your day. Starting your day off with meditation allows you to set the flow of positive energy for the day, and set your intention in co-creating your life.

3. Find yourself a comfortable seated position or lying down, whatever is comfortable.

4. Become friends with your “Monkey Brain” and shift your attention/focus on your breath. Having many thoughts? GREAT! This means you are alive. Thoughts are normal, just allow them to arise and subside.

5. Set your Intention for the day.


  • “I give myself permission to heal”
  • “My body is healthy and strong”
  • ”I Am Love”
  • “Today I will lead with my heart”
  • “Today I’m going to be a vessel of my Creative Higher self”.

Setting Intentions during your meditations allows you to have a visual, feeling or sensation associated with this positive intention – which is very helpful and can lead to powerful realizations and clarity about self.

6. End of day ritual/practice– write one thing you are grateful for about your day.

7. Don’t take your practice so seriously, Meditation is non-judgmental and a safe space within yourself. There is no “right” way to meditate. We all have a knowing that resides in each of us. Allow your authenticity to guide you.

Beginning your day with meditation and self-care allows you to set the flow of positive energy for the day. Placing your intentions is a form of energy management. Take control! You decide how you want your day to go and what energy you want to evoke into your existing daily routine. They say “Change your mind change your life”. (Examples) Emotional release, Stress reduction, Energy boost, Balance, Health improvements. Once you’ve completed the 5 days pay attention to how you feel. (Example) Less Anxiety, Sleep improvements, Balanced, Clear thoughts.

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