The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Michael Elliot and his wife Mecca Elliot, a certified meditation instructor and self-healing coach, Namaste | Nail Sanctuary was inspired by a need. The Elliots recognized that many people today live extremely busy and stressful lives and they simply don’t have time to disconnect or decompress from our fast-paced ‘always on’ culture; a culture that has them constantly connected, crowding their brains and leaving them burned out.

In May of 2017, while visiting friends in Frisco, Texas, they experienced a light bulb moment: The time that is devoted to routine nail care can be dual-purposed; they can get a great mani and/or pedi while simultaneously de-stressing in a sanctuary specially created for meditation and relaxation. Namaste | Nail Sanctuary was born, with the first and second locations set for Studio City, California and Spartansburg, South Carolina.

With Michael’s background as the Founder & Chairman of Hammer & Nails | Grooming Shop for Guys, which successfully began franchising in 2016, plans to franchise Namaste | Nail Sanctuary began even while the couple were building their first sanctuary. Remarkably, even before announcing the franchise opportunity, the dynamic couple awarded licenses for more than 566 sanctuaries as part of nine Area Representative multi-unit agreements. The Elliots project to have 100 locations open and operating by 2021.


Michael Elliot

Mecca Elliot