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  • The Shops at Boca Center
    5250 Town Center Circle, Suite 127 Boca Raton, FL 33486
  • Appointments: 561.299.5439

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    • We recommend guests arrive 5-10 minutes early. If you are running late please give us a call, we will do our very best to accommodate you, however a later arrival may result in changes to service time, service abbreviation or reschedule. If service is abbreviated due to late arrival charges for originally scheduled service will be incurred. No-call no-shows are charged in full. Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration. Namaste!

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    Saturday 9am-6pm

    Sunday 10am-6pm

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    Patty Robinson.

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    I want to thank Lileith for introducing me to Namaste. The atmosphere was tranquil and inviting. Definitely 5 Star! As always Lileith offers a great experience and I’m looking forward to my next visit.


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    Amazing nail salon, professional services. My favorite place .


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    Clean - well appointed - professional staff - my pedicure was fantastic and relaxing with my Deepak Chopra meditations headphones, ... extra touch of Zen!!

    Nom de Plume

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    The most clean, most peaceful serene nail salon, loved loved loved it!

    Lucy H.

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    Very attentive owner and staff. Wide selection of services. A peaceful salon-not a nail mill.


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    I am so excited about this salon! Their service is superb and the staff is so professional. I had an orly hard gel fill with Sherry. I also enjoyed a paraffin pedi. It was the most luxurious experience with headphones on meditation. The entire salon is extremely sanitary. I will definitely be. Regular customer !


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    I had a gel mani and paraffin wax pedicure. The mani was great and my nails look perfect. The pedi, with headphones for meditation, was absolutely incredible! In these very stressful days, it was such a treat to lie there so relaxed and comfy! The staff is extremely professional. The salon is super concerned with cleanliness. They even have plastic face shields. I not only highly recommend them, but I can’t wait to go back!!

    Jill Hinke

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    This new salon is incredible! It is very beautiful inside and very zen! The service from the owner, manager, and nail technicians was top notch. I highly recommend this new salon as I left feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated. The "Deepak Chopra meditions" headphones were very therapeutic. I also had the paraffin wax treatment on my legs and feet, which was out of this world. I am going again soon, and I highly recommend this amazing spa and salon in Boca Raton.

    Chad Michaelsen

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    Feet down - the best Pedicure i have ever had! Lelith was my my pedicurist and she was amazing. Guys, if you like pedicures or haven't had one before, ask for Lelith, you won't be disappointed. The nail salon is very nice and is in a very classy plaza. The salon also has a hi-tech ventilation system and doesn't smell like a nail salon - it actually has the feeling of being in a Spa. The manager (Cindy), owner (Staci) and everyone I spoke with were professional, nice and super positive :). I guarantee this will be your new favorite Salon !!


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    What a great place for a moment of zen in your busy day. Never has a pedicure felt so much like a spa treatment!! Sanctuary perfectly describes the atmosphere. Complete with guided meditation or relaxing music in your (sanitized) headset. For a total experience I highly recommend you bring a friend and follow up your pedi with a two margarita lunch at Rocco’s Tacos a few doors down ✌️❤️??

    Debbie M.

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    Emma and I visited Namaste Nail Sanctuary and had an amazing experience. After 6 months of hyper vigilant social distancing, we decided to indulge once I learned that they only seat 4 customers at a time. Clean is an understatement and the aesthetic is that of a top rated spa. Appointments are important and pricing is commensurate to the quality, safety and level of the services. After not having a manicure or pedicure since March, I was definitely willing to pay more. You feel comfortable and like you’ve escaped for a bit during these crazy times- especially with a guided meditation from Deepok Chopra from the sanitized and covered “beats” headset that was provided.

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